A Piacere Piano’s Comprehensive Piano Program entails a working knowledge of the instrument, technique, theory, and exposure to varied styles and genres, with a primary emphasis on Classical Music. Exceptions to a Classical approach will be made for adults, or students who’ve displayed an advanced knowledge of the discipline, and pass an aptitude test that allows them to pursue advanced studies in Composition, Improvisation, MIDI Keyboards, Music Software, Jazz, and/or Commercial Music.

Students may be required to chart their daily progress, and should expect a daily practice regiment that can require multiple repetitions in order to polish, perfect and learn difficult concepts in Music.

Younger students who wish to incorporate Beginning Concepts in Creative Work into their studies will be required to take longer and/or bi-weekly lessons. We offer a complimentary assessment lesson to determine if we are the right fit for each other.


Weekly private lessons are held in 30, 45 and/or 60 minute sessions. It’s been proven students who take lessons more frequently learn faster and perform higher, and we encourage and recommend it where needed.  Students are expected to arrive on time, as to not interfere with other lesson schedules, and communication is requested if student is running more than 15 minutes late.


To be determined by the Instructor.  We offer discounted lessons to beginners through our Student Instructor program.  Sibling discounts are not available.


Payments are due at the first lesson of each month, for however many potential sessions there are per month, no refunds.  Credits will be applied towards the following month in the event the instructor is sick, misses a lesson and cannot reschedule.


Due to the long-term, ongoing nature of learning the discipline of piano, you are reserving our time until further notice.  In lieu of emergency or health issues, the instructor will do his/her best to reschedule a cancellation, but cannot guarantee a make-up lesson.  If there is a family emergency, or unforeseen hardship, the student will need to make any necessary arrangements with the instructor.  If the student misses more than one lesson a month for 3 consecutive months, he/she will forfeit his/her space to another student who is able to attend regularly.  Any long-term absentee arrangements should be made with the instructor.


Performing in public is crucial to a student’s training and success, and part of our program. We hold a Spring and Winter Recital.  All students who have been taking lessons for at least 3 months are required to participate in recitals.  Exceptions will be made for adults, children with special needs and/or students who’ve recently have had a death in the family.  There will be a recital fee to cover facility rentals, refreshments, awards and the instructor’s time.  Competitions are available per the students’ or parent’s request and may require extra coaching/lessons.


The weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Easter will be observed. Classes that fall on additional holidays will need to be rescheduled at the instructor’s convenience. Summer and School Schedules vary greatly all over the Temecula Valley.  We cannot possibly accommodate everyone’s school schedule, but we can work together to schedule alternative lessons in lieu of vacations, early/late starts, etc....  During the months of July & August, creative workshops and private lessons are offered at the discretion of all parties involved.  Summer classes will need to be paid for in full by the end of April, no exceptions.


Progress is impossible without practice.  Students are advised to practice 5 days per week, right along with their schoolwork or another regular activity in their day.  Practice time requirements will vary depending on the student’s aptitude and lesson for the week.  Students who miss or skip practice on a regular basis will be dropped.


Parents may be required to sit in on lessons for young children if there are behavioral issues, or the student needs guidance/assistance during their weekly practice sessions.  Parents are required to follow-up with the instructor during the last 5 minutes of each lesson to ensure student understands the weekly assignment, and/or discuss any special needs.  If Parents have questions, or need to discuss anything with the Instructor, it is recommended they do so during the week via text/email/phone, or at the beginning of the lesson so other students’ lessons are not interrupted.


We reserve the right to refuse service, and choose whom we work with. Please be aware that you will be required to sign an Agreement form acknowledging you have read, understand and agree to the above policies.  We look forward to helping your children develop their gifts and a love for music!

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