1. -comprehensive Piano Lessons

  for K-12 & All levels:

   - Classical & Contemporary 

      TECHNIQUES & MethodS

    - ear Training & Theory

    - Improvisation & Music

      composition for Advanced


    - Accelerated lessons for

     gifted and Older beginners

  1. -ANNUAL/semi-Annual recitals

  1. -College-prep coaching for

  competitions & Auditions

  1. -Music Production

  1. -artist development

  1. -artist management

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Some Interesting Facts About Piano....

Learning to play the piano is a Whole-Brain Activity and one of the most rewarding disciplines of the Performing Arts!  Research has proven that studying piano gives students an advantage in fields crossing diverse career platforms.  Aside from building endurance, patience and discipline, studying piano strengthens both the cognitive and analytical functions of the mind by engaging Audio, Visual and Kinesthetic learning styles simultaneously.  On a therapeutic level, having a musical outlet to express emotions words cannot describe is a vital part of relieving stress, healing and achieving optimum spiritual health.  The advantages to studying piano are numerous, last a lifetime and are well worth the effort!

Did You Know...? 

For centuries, being able to play the piano was a mark of great accomplishment throughout the world, and today, many university music programs require two years of Piano for most music majors because the theory is so extensive, and the amount of information the mind has to process in real time is significantly more than any other instrument.  A belief widely held by music teachers throughout the world is that if you can learn to play the piano, you can learn to play any instrument. 

About Our Approach...

Contrary to popular opinion, music comprehension is not limited to one side of the brain, or by intellectual capacity; it is a universal form of communication distinct to the Human Soul.  While piano may not be every person’s instrument of choice, we believe everyone has the aptitude to learn music.  We approach each student according to their unique learning styles, gifts and preferences and encourage parents to celebrate this by providing support on various levels.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire hearts and souls by enlightening minds.  We strive to help students achieve A Piacere through discipline and skilled training.  Piano is the easiest instrument to begin, yet often takes the longest to master.  Therefore, we respect the art, our time and your investment by encouraging our students to strive for excellence in their daily practice.  We also reserve the right to refuse students who don’t practice, or are disrespectful to our instructors.  We thank you in advance for your understanding and support.  

Whether you’re seeking an emotional outlet, aspiring to increase your learning capacity or to become a professional musician, we can help.  We’re looking forward to meeting with you and/or your children.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. 

Please contact us today to get started!

Piano Lessons Temecula | Piano Lessons Murrieta | Piano Lessons Wildomar Ca