Comprehensive K-12 Piano Lessons

in the Temecula and Murrieta Valley. 

“Welcome to A Piacere Piano - We Create!”


Enrollment for Piano Lessons

Fall 2019



NEW in Fall 2019...

        Abby Reinke Timberwolves

        K - 5 Children’s Choir

Fall 2019 Youth Vocal

Recording Workshops

“Songs That Teach”

Studies have proven Music strengthens Memory Function,

and Songs are powerful Learning Aides. The TutorMusik™ project is producing songs for multiple Elementary Subjects:

Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Music...

“The pilot for this enhancement program was launched last Fall, is being further developed, and has seen great results.  The kids enjoyed the music, many returned for the second semester, and by the end of the school year, they still remembered the lyrics. That type of success is powerful, and in this busy day and age, reinforces the need for a program like TutorMusik™

  I love working with children, and producing children’s music. This project has been a lifetime in the making, and I’m looking forward to continued success.”

- Michal Phillips, Producer

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